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I promised I would tell what happened to get banned for life,  from the Charlotte airport and probably placed on the Homeland Security Watch List.  I was on my way to Cleveland to buy a condo.  I searched for seven months and was gonna pay cash.  We had a 4PM appointment
In Cleveland at 8AM I had a beer and a pizza, got on the plane and we got there twenty minutes,  I of course went to the food court which wasn’t a good idea.  I have been open about my mental illness as I have depressed, bi-polar, OCD, general anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.  I am on Xanax and bunch of meds but the biggest concern is my anxiety,  It’s not at all like being nervous it’s the feeling of death, doom and destruction,  It’s the only think in life that truly scares me.
So now I’m in a crowded food court and I can feel it coming on,  I knew this would be a big one.I saw three policeman standing around doing nothing and I ran to them and said “I’m about to suffer a hug panic attack get me out of here fast,”  Cop said “You’re probably nervous about flying.”  I told them nothing scares me more and it’s gonna get bad fast,  They ignored me as some sort of nut and I lost it.  I quickly slammed two Xanax and tried to get me out of the food court.  That got the cops attention and they tackled me in  the lobby.  After a length conversation they told me I was scaring passengers and I would be leaving at 5:06PM.  I told them “Fuck that I have a house to buy,”They then informed me I was to leave the airport and not return with an “administrator” or I would be arrested.
I left the airport to get my shrink on the phone because I figure after 9 years of treating me he would make a good “administrator,”  I even entered the airport with a police officer but those three we waiting for me,  Handcuffs, leg shackles and they carried me past the boarding passengers.  I took the opportunity to explain to people this was police brutality, mental abuse, lack of training and wished them a good flight.
I was taken to a room still in shackles and handcuffs and was told I could either go to jail or the hospital.  I told these cops I was tired with their lack of knowledge let’s go to the loony bin.  I got there at 4PM, oddly enough when I should be buying my condo.  Medical staff was great but after four hours I was impatient.  I asked the guy “what’s going on?”  He replied I had to talk to two psychologists to decide they were going to keep me.  KEEP ME????  I informed him that would not go well and waited for the phone call,  A nice lady called about an hour later and based on my answers to my questions I was fine.  Now I had to wait for the next guy,  We did this on Skype and his diagnosis was the same;  I suffer from severe anxiety but ,  I lost two dear friends in the last two months and I have a bit I’m not a harm to myself or others,  I was dismissed and had no place to go,  I thought I was dreaming so I took off my show and threw it at a lady sleeping in waiting room figuring I’d wake up and all she did was yell at me.
I spent the day in the hospital waiting for my poor mom to fly out, rent a car and drive 900 miles back to West Palm.  I have a sickness but it has helped me laugh at myself and be the unpredictable person I am.  However, events like these make me go deeper and deeper into the bat cave.  I also lost two very dear friends in the past two months,  They were 54.  This has caused me a bit of survivor’s remorse.
I’m starting to believe that I truly live in DANNYLAND and my mission in life is to write that book,  Thanks for your time in reading  this piece,  It means a great deal to me.





Mom shops at Sears for my clothes and I’m making the t-shirt with the pocket cool again.


Something has happened to me within the past year……I just don’t give a shit anymore.  Now don’t assume that I don’t care because that is totally different.  I think the greatest strength one can have is to admit and address their greatest weakness.  Looking back at my mistakes in life (and I have made more than most people) I realize that the majority of them were made because I actually gave a shit about what people thought of me (that and too many shots).

When you give a shit you tend to get angry with people that don’t agree with you or question what you say.  Getting dropped as a friend on Facebook is a great example.  There are people out there that react to this action like a loved one was injured in a car crash.  Telemarketers are another great example.  I used to have a meltdown when they would call even though I registered on the “do not call list” (it’s run by our government so why would you expect it to be effective?).  I now look forward to these calls and using my creativity and mind to frustrate them to the point that they raise their voice and/or hang up.  Then I laugh like Vincent Price at the end of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

So what do I care about?  My mother, my faith in God, kindness, empathy, unselfishness, being polite, respecting your elders, TV and cold beer to name a few.  I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I don’t give a shit who ya vote for and I really don’t give a shit what ya made for dinner and posted on Facebook.  I used to have a terrible temper which leads to anger and usually then to yelling or screaming.  We all have done it but step back for a moment and think about when you witness others doing it.  It affects their credibility and even if they are correct they give the impression that they aren’t confident in their opinion.  If they did they would relish in the concept of getting others to, as my father used to say, scream and yell like a “raped ape.”

Now there are situations where you may not give a shit but they suddenly turn into a situation you care about.  A good example of this is those that text and drive.  If they happen to drive off a bridge, land in a canal and become an afternoon snack for an alligator I really don’t give a shit.  If they rear end an innocent party and that person ends up looking like they were arrested by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department then I care.

Life is a strange, unpredictable and a stressful journey.  What you think matters in the moment usually will not matter in the future.  Want to know what really puts everything in perspective?  Bury a parent, a child or anyone you love.  We all are here for a reason and it’s not to have a big house, expensive car, eat at a fancy restaurant or have a three hundred dollar purse (My wallet cost twenty bucks and I think I have six bucks in it and three quarters in my pants…….which I never wear at home).  There ARE bad ideas in brainstorming (think Crystal Pepsi).  People that say “I want you to be honest” really mean “I want you to agree with me.”  I have learned that those that say that to you actually are insecure of their own beliefs and abilities.   Feel free to disagree with me but just know that I really don’t give a shit.


Ya have to hear the story about the guy that got shot with a toy truck.  85% of the world is stupid……be part of the 15% by clicking for a listen.  Thanks 🙂

wacky caller

Danny has been off the podcast for three weeks and he has LOST HIS MIND!!!  Click below to listen to one with OCD, social anxiety disorder and general anxiety disorder.  Does he make it seem normal?