exploding head

After remaining quiet for 28 days Danny is back and more politically incorrect than ever before.  Podcast 38 promises to be the best ever.  Click below to listen.


browns jersey

I need your help.  It’s the first thing I talk about.  Just click below.  Thanks!


Real meaning of Xmas

Click below and listen.  The first part of every Dannyland is when Danny just rants and raves about things that are on his mind.  Always unpredictable today is no exception.


trump angry


Porn stars.  People calling the President a “pussy”  Trump wants to beat up all the Muslims.  The Kardashians and Kanye give the newest member of their family a ridiculous name and much more.  Just click below to listen.  Thank you!


Danny talks Scott Weiland, his struggles with mental illness, rips into Teen Beauty Pageants, thoughts on the new Kanye baby……and more u won’t hear on pathetic commercial radio.