the real deal

Danny once again shows how the media tries to provoke Trump and it doesn’t work.  Then, some will say, he goes too far.  Discussing “Wheel of Asians”, why it’s good a 36 year old may lose a hand and he closes with what would happen if he picked up Caitlyn Jenner from a bar and took her home.

browns jersey

A shooting of a TV crew in Alabama and the White House wants to blame the fact that there is a need for gun control?  Josh Duggar bangs a porn star and she says she was “terrified.”  An unknown black mother puts the movement of #BlackLivesMater in perspective better than anyone else has.   Dannyland takes them all on.

Danny in a bolts cap

Danny explains why Barry Williams is the biggest jerk in Hollywood and NOT Mel Gibson.  Dancing With The Stars has it’s first contestant and Danny explains what it means if you are a fan of the show.   Fox News is pissed at Trump again and Danny explains how the network violates the Bill of Rights.  Why Danny is gonna dress up for Halloween this year and he also lists all the all the mental illnesses he has been diagnosed with.  Nothing but the truth….everything is laid out on the table.


This one is rock solid and I’m my biggest critic. Stock market crash….One Direction going on “hiatus” and young girls are having emotional breakdowns, Josh Dugger is a liar, a cheat and pretty much a piece of shit and you won’t want to miss the story of the 910 pound woman in NYC taken out of her apartment with a crane.  Radio the way it used to be.  Nothing safe and boring.

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Danny talks about strip clubs, guys that go into sex shops, and how aliens supposedly ended the Cold War.