It’s MUSLIM SUNDAY as Danny labeled it.  Click below and listen to one of the rare occasions he admits he was wrong, how Hillary Clinton wouldn’t get hired at Home Depot, how the media is manipulating you about Muslims, and the reason why Danny thinks he has found the perfect woman.

KY Jelly

What does Danny and KY Jelly have in common???  Click here to find out.  He also breaks down the GOP debate from last night, talks about smoking weed, and points out racial profiling in Irving, Texas.

portland pooper

Danny talks about Kanye West and his idea to run for President in 2020.  All the details you need to know to avoid the “Portland Pooper” and who really is Kim Davis and why she belongs in jail?   Just click below to listen and feel free to tweet this site to your friends.  Thanks so much!

the real deal

Danny once again shows how the media tries to provoke Trump and it doesn’t work.  Then, some will say, he goes too far.  Discussing “Wheel of Asians”, why it’s good a 36 year old may lose a hand and he closes with what would happen if he picked up Caitlyn Jenner from a bar and took her home.

browns jersey

A shooting of a TV crew in Alabama and the White House wants to blame the fact that there is a need for gun control?  Josh Duggar bangs a porn star and she says she was “terrified.”  An unknown black mother puts the movement of #BlackLivesMater in perspective better than anyone else has.   Dannyland takes them all on.