stripperI gave myself a concussion last weekend, I strip on this podcast, and we discuss “Dormant Butt Syndrome”


THREATS from an attorney…..a TV news reporter did the unthinkable….an unreal story from my past.  I NEVER over promise and under deliver.  Click below to listen.

pillow guy

Be part of the TRUTH!  The truth sometimes stings but it will always make ya laugh.  Click below to hear what USED to be on the radio instead of cookie cutter content that would put a cow on crack asleep.


DANNYLAND!  85% of this nation is stupid…..welcome to the 15%.  Click below to join the politically incorrect podcast.

roseThis is what Axl Rose looks like today.  We have audio of him singing lead for AC/DC right at the beginning of the podcast and a lot of politically incorrect comments that you expect from DANNYLAND!   Just click below to listen.