berry ladyAfter taking off five years from commercial radio, Danny has reinvented himself.  Nothing but the truth at all times.  Just click and listen.  Agree or disagree jump on board the comment page.  Thanks!!

old lady giving finger

I personally think this is the best DANNYLAND ever.  I try to keep adding different elements to keep it interesting.  I truly believe this is how radio should be….I’ll add callers and interviews soon.  Thanks for listening and would love feedback.

princeDANNYLAND! is a podcast of various things in the news.  Danny likes to talk and his mind is soaked in the truth and sometimes can be brutal.  Click below to understand.


white trash

Look at the DANNYLAND fans at their spring picnic.  We take any and all.  Click to hear the truth!!

Picture 5

Trump wants to raise the dead, Kobe Bryant says good-bye and more evidence why commercial radio doesn’t have the stones to put me on and let me loose (I am not wearing an ankle bracelet either).